Selling on Livestock Trader vs. Livestock Auctions

Take Control of the Sale For years the preferred method of selling farm animals and equipment has been at auction. Livestock Auctions put the seller at the mercy of many different elements, all of which affect your sale price and ultimately your profit. For example, bad weather or a poor turnout, can result in lower profits.  When you sell on you have the opportunity to market your own product, and convince the buyer why your product is right for them.  You are in charge of what your product brings regardless of  whatever threatens prices at auctions. Maximize Your Profit Most important, you will never pay commission with Livestock Trader.  You just post your ad and whatever your selling price, the entire sale is yours to keep. With commission prices in the sale barns, averaging around $20 per head or higher for cattle, it won't take long to spend a large amount of profit on commissions. Livestock Auctions Drain Your Profit Get a premium for you…
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