Caveat Emptor

Let the Buyer Beware

If you are unfamiliar with a buyer or seller, Livestock Trader strongly recommends that you research/investigate them before closing any deal. Always keep in mind that if a deal seems too good to be true, there is a good chance that it is!

Never be pressured into making a deal quickly. Unprofessional parties or scammers will put pressure on you to close their deal quickly. Take your time if you are not sure.


Because Livestock Trader is only a medium for agricultural products and services, we DO NOT offer any Warranty services, nor do we offer any coverage for loss experienced by the user.

Do not send any money to anyone for any service regarding warranty or guarantee programs! We only provide paid advertising, and we refrain from participating in any other aspect of your online transaction.

Livestock Trader will NEVER contact you in any way asking you for information regarding your username and password to our web site. If you receive a phone call or email requesting that information, please do not respond, and report the incident to Livestock Trader as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.