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At Livestock Trader, we understand the effort and sacrifice producers make to raise quality livestock. When it’s time to reap the harvest of all of your hard work, Livestock Trader is here to allow you to capitalize on every dollar. Livestock Trader was designed with the producer in mind. Our goal was to deliver a network where producers could market their animals to a broad base of consumers. Consumers that may never have had a chance to know about your operation without the outreach of Livestock Trader. Livestock Trader founders Kent Willmott and Ryan Wilkinson had a vision of offering producers a more diverse marketing strategy that allowed them the ability to market their animals according to their own parameters. Our platform and coordinated marketing effort make Livestock Trader the most effective way to sell livestock. You have pride in your product and buyers like to know all of the details about what they’re buying. Livestock Trader gives both buyers and sellers the advantages they need to ensure confidence in every transaction. ​

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