Livestock Trader Online does not charge hefty commissions on anything you list. Livestock Trader Online seeks a more cost-effective way to advertise your livestock on the Web without paying expensive fees to livestock magazines and general services classified ads sites that offer similar services at a much higher price.

At Livestock Trader Online you pay one fee per item to advertise. That’s it. No hidden costs. We have several different packages to suit your needs.

  • Basic – $30/ Monthly
  • Premium – $300/ Year
  • Standard – $90/ Monthly
  • Elite – $900/Year
No. We only charge you to post the ad.

A coupon code is good for each ad. So if you have 5 ads to place, you must use the coupon each time you place an ad.
Some coupons have a limited use feature. So if the coupon is only good for 100 times, then it might not work on all of your depending on how many time everyone with that coupon code has used it.

At the top right of every page click on My Dashboard.

My Dashboard is your own personalized ad management dashboard. This allows you to see all of your current, expired, and pending ad listings. From here you have the ability to renew, pause, and edit your existing ads.

Buyers will always have questions, so for best results, when posting your ad,  list as many characteristics about your livestock as possible.

  • Number for Sale
  • Breed
  • Origin (State of Origin)
  • Age
  • Est. Weight
  • Birth Weight
  • Frame
  • Condition
  • Implanted
  • Vaccinations
  • Horns
  • Fertility
  • Scrotal Circumference
  • Pasture/Feed
  • Delivery Date
  • Price
  • Payment Terms

Log in and go to your dashboard. Click the pencil symbol to edit your ad and delete the $ sign. Our system will automatically add the dollar sign for you.

Our research has shown that following a few simple tips can significantly reduce the rate of problem payments.
  • Include detailed shipping and handling information in the item description.
  • Require a Down Payment. *
  • Request references from buyers financial institution.
  • Certified Check – Require the buyer to have a Certified Check for the estimated sales amount at delivery.   After weighing and sorting, if the actual amount due is more than the Certified Check, accept the buyer’s company or personal check for the difference.  If less, refund the amount with your company or personal check.
  • Wire Transfer – Once the total sales amount is determined, require the buyer to wire the funds to your bank account.  Once the buyer has called in the wiring instructions, have your bank verify with the buyer’s bank that the wire is underway.  This will assure that the funds will arrive shortly. This also gives you immediate credit at your bank instead of having to wait several days or more before gaining access to the proceeds.
*In some states, if you accept partial payment for anything you’re selling, then that transaction becomes an extension of credit. The fact that you may have a written contract doesn’t change it. It is still an extension of credit.
For example, let’s say you’re selling that calf horse for $8,500 and a buyer agrees to purchase the horse but gives you a down payment of $5,000 with the agreement that they’ll pay you the balance of $3,500 in 30 days.
When the 30 days passes and they still hasn’t paid you the $3,500 owed, there’s nothing that law enforcement can do for you. It’s a civil matter at this point.
It’s just like if you go buy a 2011 Dodge Ram truck, make three payments then don’t make anymore. The bank can sue you. They come get the truck, etc. but the police aren’t going to charge you with a crime. It’s a civil matter and not criminal. You might possibly take the buyer to court and get a judgment in your favor. That still doesn’t mean you may never get your money.
Check the laws of your state, and remember, whenever in doubt about the buyer, get full payment up front.

No. We try to make the ad posting process as easy and straight forward as possible.

Remember, to make sure anything you upload is compressed to the smallest file size possible. If you upload 3 pictures at 5mb each, then your ad will take a long time to load on a smartphone, or a user with a slow Internet connection. Make your file sizes small.

Yes. At this time, you can only post 10 pictures.

Remember, to make sure anything you upload is compressed to the smallest file size possible. user with a slow Internet connection. Make your file sizes small.

We try to offer as many categories as possible. If you can’t find a category, email info@livestocktrader.com and we will evaluate your suggestion for inclusion in our category listings.

Not all category suggestions are accepted.

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